What to see in Tarragona in one day


From April 11 to September 30: from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Closed Monday.

Price of admission:

Free for children under 16 years.

Roman circus of Tarragona

The Roman Circus of Tarragona

After visiting the Amphitheater we enter the historic center crossing the mythical Via Augusta and climb the street of Sant Oleguer that leaves us in front of the Roman Circus tarraconiense.


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If we make a mental effort to place ourselves in the Roman era when Tarraco was one of the main cities of the Empire, we will have in front of us a space where the protagonism was limited to the races of chariots and horses. With an extension of more than 300 meters long and more than 100 meters wide, the Roman Circus of Tarragona was able to accommodate more than 3 spectators.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best preserved Roman circuses of the Roman era.

Views from the Petrori Tower in Tarragona

The Praetorium

The Praetorium is the tower that you will see closing the building of the Roman Circus and opening the Plaza del Rei.

In this tower there were stairs that gave access to the lower city from the provincial Forum through underground tunnels. At the time he welcomed Emperor Augustus.

During the Middle Ages and later times, the tower of the Pretorio underwent several changes becoming a palace of the kings of the Crown of Aragon and finally became a prison.

Plaça de la Font in Tarragona

Plaça de la Font

Following the pleasant Rambla Vella in a few minutes we will reach the Font Square. This rectangular and large square overflowing with terraces and good atmosphere at any time and especially in the early morning.

The Plaza de la Font is chaired by the City Council with its neoclassical facade and if on your visit to Tarragona you coincide with a day of castellers do not miss the fabulous atmosphere that breathes with the various colles that try to defy the laws of gravity.

Tarragona Cathedral

We are ascending the Carrer Major while observing the historic buildings that surround us until we reach the large portal and the huge rose window The Cathedral of Tarragona is one of the symbols of the city. Built during the 12th century with Romanesque base and Gothic finishes, the cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of Tarragona, Holy button.

It was built on the foundations of the old Provincial forum and inside its cloister we can see some example of its ancient architecture. Also, once in the cloister you can visit the Diocesan Museum with its collection of medieval art and the altarpiece of Santa Tecla built during the final years of the 12th century Romanesque style.

Another interesting tip is to surround the Cathedral through the side streets to see the cloister from the outside since we will get a beautiful visual of it and also the alleys around it are very beautiful.

Plaça del Rei in Tarragona from the Praetorium

Plaça del Rei

After visiting the Cathedral we enter again through the alleys of the old town of Tarragona, passing through several restaurants and bars, until we reach the Plaza del Rei.

This square and wide looking square is chaired by the Praetorium that we will have visited previously after following the steps of the Roman Circus. Likewise, the same place charges the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona and the churches of Natzaret and the Trinitat. An ideal place if you are in Holy Week as much of the processions that are seen in the city take place.

In the Plaza del Rei you will find several terraces where you can stop along the way and reward the hike with a snack or lunch.

To start we can take an excellent vermouth in The Vermouth House and then eat one of the best rice I have tasted in Catalonia.

Rice with sardines in the Llagut de la Plaça del Rei de Tarragona

I never get tired of visiting El Llagut restaurant. They do not always open the terrace but its interior is also pleasant. Among the rice with sardines or the rice with crab, I wouldn't know which one to decide next time.

Accommodation Tip

The last two times we have visited Tarragona we stayed at the hotel Ciutat de Tarragona. A 4 star that usually has good discounts and high quality. If you want to avoid searches you can book it in the following link without any price increase:


On our last visit to Tarragona, the Itaca Tarragona restaurant left us with a sour taste. Previously, in this establishment the restaurant Ca l'Òscar was built. Without realizing it, we sat down with a dish in mind that we had already tried repeatedly. We look forward to our blessed baked octopus with mashed potatoes and aioli and I refer to the picture to show the decline in quality at similar prices.

On the left the octopus they made in the old Ca l'Òscar, on the right the current octopus they serve in Itaca

For the next visit I have it clear, after our usual walk through Tarragona we will return to El Llagut restaurant. What I have less clear is what rice we will taste among the succulent menu they offer daily. Also, if you can also take a look at the ranking of the best restaurants in Tarragona according to the users of El Tenedor where you can also reserve a table.