The 10 oldest cities in the world


The cities they have been, for millennia, the centers from which societies have developed and empires have been born and fallen. Around them the history of the human being is explained until today.

Although in my case, I prefer nature-related trips to cities, as a good lover of history, I am also attracted to ancient cities. Those who treasure incredible stories under the foundations on which they were founded.

And the older the cities, the more secrets and legends they hide. You want to know which are the cities (that have been inhabited constantly) oldest in the world? Although it is difficult to establish the specific date of the foundation of a large number of ancestral metropolis, here I leave this list of oldest cities in the world:

Faiyum, Egypt

Faiyum is believed to be the oldest city in Egypt.

It was founded in a strategic place, in the Middle Egypt area, around 4,000 a. C. According to what they say, its location coincides with the ancient city of Cocodrilópolis, whose inhabitants used to worship a sacred crocodile called Petsuchos.

Today, Faiyum is a great typical Egyptian city, full of bazaars, markets, mosques and historical places.

Damascus, Syria

Mosque of the Umayyad. Damascus (Pixabay)

The next protagonist of the list of oldest cities in the world is the capital of the punished Syria.

Damascus is known in Syria as ash-Sham and "The City of Yasmin." In addition to being one of the oldest cities in the world, Damascus, before its great destruction by the war in Syria, It was also one of the largest cultural centers in the Arab world.

Damascus was founded in the third millennium before the birth of Jesus Christ and, over time, it came to have many influences from great cultures, such as Greek and Roman, and, obviously, Islamic, as the Mosque of the Umayyad,Built between 705 and 715.

During the Middle Ages, Damascus was a great craft center, specialized in swords and rope. Before the disaster, The city had more than a hundred incunable monuments from different eras.

Athens, Greece

One of the oldest cities in the world is also one of the most beautiful (and my favorite).

It is believed that the capital of Greece has been inhabited steadily since 5,000 a. of C. That would give us a life of about 7,000 years in which it has treasured hundreds of milestones.

It was in Athens where democracy was born Also the first great European city-state, of which there are still very tangible remains, such as the wonderful Acropolis, which dominates the modern city of the 21st century from the top of a hill.

The Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires have left their mark on a city where I would not mind spending a time in my life.

Rayy, Iran

Rayy became one of the most powerful cities in Iran and there is evidence indicating that it was already inhabited 6,000 years before the birth of Christ. The city appears as one of the sacred places on the Avesta, ancient writings of Zoroastrianism (religion founded by the prophet Zoroaster).

Rayy was captured by the Arabs in 641 and devastated by the Mongols in 1220. Today, some of the historical monuments that you can still see are the Tughrul Tower and Cheshmeh Ali Hill, an archeological site where artifacts with more than 7,000 years old were discovered.

Jericho, Palestine