Entering rural China in Yangshuo


When one observes the beautiful landscape that appears in the 20 yuan Chinese ticket (name of the currency of China), has two thoughts: that such beauty should not be embodied in something so material and that this landscape can only be lodged in a delicate and creative mind, it should not be real.

Although I support the first idea, the second, as I saw first hand, is wrong.

That amazing karst landscape of limestone mountains which seem to emerge abruptly from the waters of the Li River, exists. To enjoy it, you must travel to the region of Guilin and establish your base in the city of Yangshuo. As soon as you leave the streets of Yangshuo and enter a few kilometers in the countryside, you will discover the charms of rural China, very different from urban.

How to get to Yangshuo?

Located in the southeast of China, to get to Yangshuo from Europe the best option is to fly to the nearest airport: the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.

The companies KLM and Air France They offer flights at very competitive prices (between 600 and 800 euros, mostly) with stops at Amsterdam Y Paris before entering Chinese territory. Once in China, you will have to stop at places like Hangzhou, Peking or Guangzhou before landing in Guilin Liangjiang.

Although the trip is long lasting comfort and superb entertainment system aboard the Boeing and Airbus aircraft operated by the Dutch and French flag companies will make you barely feel the passing of the hours. Good spaces between seats, last movie premieres and a menu that will not miss your mothers' homemade meals.

Once you have landed at Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, you must travel to the Guilin bus station and take one to Yangshuo. The journey from Guilin to Yangshuo takes no more than an hour and a half.

Things to do in Yangshuo

Yangshuo and its surroundings offer you many interesting possibilities of entertainment, especially if you like a little active outdoor life. However, the city itself is also interesting.

Shopping, walking, restaurants and marching on the banks of the Li River

The Li River is, without a doubt, the source of Yangshuo's life. All the interesting things you can do in the urban part of the city are next to its waters.

West street It is the nerve center of Yangshuo.

There are stalls of souvenirs and handicrafts in which you can choose from hundreds of types of paintings, frames, decorative items for the house, souvenirs, fabrics, fans, lamps in the form of lanterns (very nice) and, of course, clothes imitation of the best brands.

Following the stalls of West Street, you will end at the Li River, crossed by a few beautiful bridges adorned with flowers and through which you can take a reconnaissance ride mounted on a bamboo raft driven by a rower.

Yangshuo River City

It is in this area where you will find most of the Yangshuo tourist restaurants. Most of them offer a mix between local and Chinese food. I recommend that you do not leave the city without trying the orange duck that Lucy's good cooks in her small and cozy restaurant, Lucy's Heaven. That duck is as exquisite and rewarding as Lucy's company.

In the high season, at nightfall, tranquility is somewhat broken by western music that emerges from the different bars and bars that are filled with tourists looking for a return to the Chinese night. Do not worry, if you want to walk romantically or melancholy along the banks of the Li River, you simply have to get away from the West Street area.

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